accULL release 0.3

Well, after a summer break and some Hangout meetings with the team, it is time again to publish a new release of the accULL. Release 0.3 (codename: Lucas) has many bugs fixed in the compiler and in the toolchain. Although we circulated an alpha a while ago, we have been adding features and fixing bugs thanks to the feedback we have received from users.

Some people reported problems when using automake 1.4 while building the runtime, so we updated the autoconf and automake files so that it is no longer using subdirs but a cleaner way to produce the Frangollo library. It is, however, a static library. It should not be difficult to build a dynamic library, and we may add that option to a future release.

We have improved the implementation of the parallels directive. In the previous release it used a default kernel launch configuration of 16 threads per grid dimension.  Now we are using the same estimator we use for the kernels region and users should see at least some performance improvements.

We have now an accull repository and a project webpage (in bitbucket of course!) were you can get the latest versions and information about the project. You can get the latest released package from the Downloads package, or if you are feeling in the mood for and adventure, you can download the development repository, which will get the latest version of Frangollo and YaCF from their respective repositories. Feel free to experiment and report issues or feature requests!